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Autodesk workstations

Off-the-shelf computer workstations sold by multi-national commodity builders are not optimized for CAD and contrary to what you may have been told by a Dell or HP sales representative, CAD applications do not benefit from multiple CPU cores for design and modeling tasks. CAD applications are predominantly "single threaded" which means that unless you are doing a substantial amount of rendering or simulation (or other multi-threaded tasks) your design software is simply not capable of using the full resources of multi-processor workstations. Orbital Computers echoes the same processor approach to CAD: All our Intel based desktop workstations support Hyper-Threading Technology, which doubles the number of logical CPU cores, leading to drastically improved performance for common multithreaded CAD and video editing functions such as rendering, simulation, and extensive multi-tasking. Many CAD program functions are largely single-threaded, benefiting from the high operating-frequency of our Intel Core i7 and Extreme series processors, while video editing functions tend to benefit from more CPU cores and threads. We carefully select the Intel processors used in our powerful CAD computers to maximize both single and multithreaded performance by striking a fair balance between high operating frequency and multi-core configurations.

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